Strange Sandwich Fillings

Strange how times change. Now you’ll find frozen ice packs in foil lined lunch bags, zip lock plastic bags, pudding cups or applesauce containers, yogurt bars, and cans of v8 and multi-grain bread.In the sixties, it was brown paper bags or metal lunch boxes, waxed paper to cover your white sliced bread sandwiches, fresh fruit

Storage of Meat Eggs and Dairy Products

If it is turning green or has become that mystery food in your refrigerator, then you really don’t need to be reading this article. You should have your head examined for letting it get to the point of no return! Storing meats, eggs, and dairy products is one of those things that can either make

Steeping the Perfect Cup of Tea Steeping Guidelines for Popular Teas

In the Eastern World, tea brewing is a spiritual and artful experience. Apart of those cultures, that requires respect and reverence, depicting the quality of the person and the family that is serving the beverage. Undoubtedly, brewing a cup of tea for one’s morning or evening cup of tea is an experience of preference. Each

Steeping Guidelines for Popular Teas

When the life was simple and unhurried, making a good tea was an art form. Every small step in the tea making process was like good choreography, well timed and well measured, until the brew was in the cup. It needed knowledge, experience, practice and even intuition in the delicate art of steeping. But as

Spring Vegetable and Herb Risotto

This delicious risotto meal is very quick and easy to prepare. Even though it is low in calories it doesn’t compromise on taste and because it is loaded with vegetables it’s also highly nutritious. It can be served for lunch or light dinner, eaten hot or warm. Serves 2-3 You’ll need: -1 litre vegetable stock

Spaghetti Recipes

This dish so easy to make that you can be sitting down and eating it within 40 minutes of walking in through the door.  It’s great as a supper dish; makes a tasty main course; is a good pot-luck dish plus it is a nutritious filling meal for children.  Open a bottle of red wine

Soft Drinks and their History

Those sweetened flavored drinks with carbon added has been around for a long time. What makes them fizz? I ask although I know carbon is behind all this soft drink activity because most people refer to this drink as carbonated drinks. But who first  bottled them? These drinks came about in the 1800s by scientists

Sloppy Joe Recipe

I’ve been making Sloppy Joes for years – it’s one of the first dishes I ever made ‘all by myself’ – although as a child I used either the powdered mix from the envelope or the canned stuff. As I grew older I realized that this dish is far more versatile than many people believe.

Simple Pasta and Pesto Salad

For a pasta salad you want to make it simple and very tasty and for that you need something authentically Italian. So why not go for the simple pasta and pesto salad. Simple and easy to do and you can make in advance and serve at your leisure if you are having a party or

Simple Mushroom Soup

Simple Mushroom Soup This really is a family favourite that takes little time to put together. In our household, we always serve it up with some fresh garlic bread. This recipe serves 4 or 5 people. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25g unsalted Butter 1 Onion 3 garlic cloves 1 kg Button Mushrooms